Elan Elan- Vertical

Elan Elan- Vertical

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I created the trees for Tu Bshvat, as they are starting to bloom right under the snow, and added the snow for the winter feel. I then put a family walking down the path as if they are getting the same blessing as the trees. Elan elan bmah avarececha? That your fruit should be sweet? But they already are. That you should have shade? You already do. But that all the trees from your seed should be like you. And that’s the family walking down the path. • It’s all of us, working, investing into our loved ones... when it’s hard, when it’s easy...all the time!! One day we will see the real fruits of our labor. So take advantage right now, in the home, when it’s cold out. Whip together some hot cocoa, play some board games and love your family. 



Digital print :  a high quality print on 10 ML, acid free specialty paper.  It needs to be framed.  It can be framed without glass, and be shellacked by our framer. (limited availability)

The original painting was scanned to ensure quality. Each stroke is vivid and clear for the viewer to see.

This print is signed and dated by Yaeli.


 *the print should be framed professionally, whether it’s with our framer or your own*  

If you’d like gold leaf embellishments or brush strokes, you can add that option to your order.  You can find it at the bottom of the page.   -   where you can have some gold embellishments and or a few brush strokes done by Yaeli.

Please allow up to 3-4 weeks for production and shipment.

Framed Prints:  Once the print is ordered, it is printed and then brought over to the framing gallery.  That takes about two weeks.   Then, you'll send over images of your space, decor, swatches or aesthetic and based upon that and the artwork, we match five top frames that compliment it best.  Then we send the images over to you and you choose the one that you like best.  We can always send more options based upon request.  


There is a shipping rate of $150 for framed prints as we create a custom crate for the framed artwork plus the shipping and handling.  
It can be more at times, depending on weight of the item.  You're welcome to pick it up to avoid the shipping fee.  
For international shipping, the charge will vary.  Please email Deena@yaelifineart.com for custom rates.  

Please do not hesitate to email Deena@yaelifineart.com for any of your shipping concerns.  

Acrylic:  An acrylic is  1/4  piece of a acrylic. The art is lazer printed directly on the acrylic. There is a cleet in the back for hanging.  Up to size 30" x 40"

If you would like an acrylic, please email Deena@yaelifineart.com

Please allow 3-4 weeks for production. Due to the size and weight of the acrylic, there is a shipping fee. please contact us for your custom size and shipping amount.