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Those are some great words,

I love worlds which practice them.

Even when they’re not all the same,

Their spirit can love and accept.

Even when they get hurt,

Their spirit can forgive and maybe even forget?

Even when their status paths differ,

Their spirit can “fargin” and be really happy.

Even when one is crippled,

Their spirit can see so far past the physical.

Even when they’re so different,

Their spirit can link arms and dance!

When hearts are together, spirits are high, superficial barriers can break and real life can be lived.





A digital print is a high quality print on 10 ML, acid free specialty paper.  It needs to be framed.  It can be framed without glass, and be shellacked by our framer. (limited availability)

The Original painting was scanned to ensure quality. Each stroke is vivid and clear for the viewer to see.

This print is signed and dated by Yaeli.

Please allow up to two weeks for production and shipment.