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Monochromatic and Gold

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We all have little voices inside that speak the truth, the hardest part is simply to listen...and trust it for what it is. It starts as a whisper. So listen. It can get louder if you're still hearing but not fully listening. Or it can be silenced, which is the most unfortunate. So pay attention. It's SO worth it! I'm reminded of this, because this painting has been staring at me in the face, for a few weeks now, and each time, I thought - gold leaf, Yaeli. I finally added it!! And the rest speaks for itself. This painting is a happy one with muted colors. There are three main colors, and others incorporated as well. The men are dancing a line are going off the canvas, to give the painting an endless feel, a feeling of eternity. A feeling of oneness. That we are one and together, we cannot be broken. Forever.

Semi Original Giclee is a high quality reproduction, printed on a stretched canvas. It is then hand embellished by the artist, all over the canvas. (not just in a few spots) This is called a semi Original piece because it is. Each piece is invested into with many hours, adding texture, color and a special uniqueness, where no two giclees are ever exactly alike.

Every giclee is signed in teil blue, as its known: #thesignatureinteil (limited availability).