The Golden City

The Golden City

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One thing I’ve learned thus far as an artist is: good artists push the painting forward, seeing it as it is and adding to it until it’s complete. The artist has an agenda and once it’s complete, his / her job is done. Great artists do just that, but then they don’t stop. They feel it. They think about it. They keep adding, changing, even in the slightest way, going in the direction of the painting and giving it its own life. Their agenda is laced together with the painting in front of them, and for the time being, nothing is in the world besides for that painting. They go to sleep thinking about it and wake up attending to it. They. are. obsessed. And then it becomes a life of its own...Having a little baby brings this concept even closer to home. I think about it often. I want to be a great artist with my children. I want to see them for who they are and build them on THAT. I want to be so attuned to them, that they’re souls can grow and become who they are meant to be in this world, & not who I think they are supposed to be. To let go, to take off our glasses and really feel. It’s hard. But that is what truly infuses real life.

Semi Original Giclee is a high quality reproduction, printed on a stretched canvas. It is then hand embellished by the artist, all over the canvas. (not just in a few spots) This is called a semi Original piece because it is. Each piece is invested into with many hours, adding texture, color and a special uniqueness, where no two giclees are ever exactly alike.

Every giclee is signed in teil blue, as its known: #thesignatureinteil (limited availability).