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The story of Purim pulls at my heartstrings. Always. The intensity of our fate on the line, the emotion...and imaging myself being there. Then to have the turnout: “Layehudim Haysa Ora Vsimcha Vsason Vikar“ 
It’s chill inducing! When I started this painting, it was random strokes and color, and it looked so pretty. I stood back and asked myself “what do you see “? Then as I sat, I saw Mordichai dancing with the men and then I saw Esther dancing with the ladies. I brought them out and then slowly slowly I saw more and added more , until I saw it all and this painting was created. I left the negative space white, since it offered so much light to the painting and I felt the message was appropriate - At the end, there was light! It’s a reminder that even in the depths of the unknown, uncomfortable or scary, there can be a happy ending. With belief, strength and a lot of prayer. There is light. There is always light.

36X48 Acrylic on Canvas