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Naashe V'nishma
Naashe V'nishma

Naashe V'nishma

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The way my paintings come about is by seeing the large picture.
I stroke and once the layer is done I stand back while waiting for it to dry and try to see what I can see. It’s almost subconscious. As I’m looking away or not focusing fully, I’ll connect the missing dots and see what’s not there. Kind of like when letters are misplaced in a word but we can still make out the word.
So that’s how it is. I see the missing parts and then I slowly add them in.
This wasn’t fully natural. I developed this skill with my paintings. In the beginning, of course I was much more forced and tried to lay onto the canvas whatever was supposed to go on.
But to stand back, and relax. To see the big picture or the things that aren’t even there, takes practice. SO much practice. It’s brain training!!

This piece is an original acrylic painting from Yaeli’s collection of holiday mini’s!

6” x 6” on stretched canvas, the edges are painted too and it’s ready to hang.

There is 24K gold leaf embedded into the luchot and onto some of the people, in the painting.

This painting ships unframed. To have it custom framed, please email