Pink Petals | Sukkah Print
Pink Petals | Sukkah Print
Pink Petals | Sukkah Print

Pink Petals | Sukkah Print

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Size: 24” x 36”
24” x 36”
30'' x 22''

There’s nothing in the world like Sukkos in Israel!! And if I can’t be there physically, then I was Israel in my sukkah..

When I was in seminary in Yerushalayim, I’d snap photos wherever I went. My friends would ask, what you using that for? & I’d respond: to paint it!
I want to FEEL it. Break it down to its parts and really feel it’s essence. Anything, everything. I want to experience it!
So I paint. I let the brush guide my hand and go with what I see. I want the essence of the subjects to pierce through. Not the subject. I do it, by feeling it.

All Sukkah print posters come as high-quality prints on vinyl.

The vinyl is fully plastic and durable for the outdoors. It comes prepared with grommets, for easy hanging

*About the Prints*

-The sukkah prints are shipped folder, any creases will come out with hanging/you can steam the print on the lowest setting as well!

-Color vibrancy may vary from photos online to in person

-All sukkah prints are waterproof