About the Artist


Yaeli Vogel is an Israeli born artist, now based in New York, that has been painting for most of her life. Although selling her first painting at 19, she chose to pursue a full-time career in art only much later, after leaving her career as a teacher. Her medium of choice is acrylic on canvas, but she often paints using mixed media and watercolor as well, most recently using ripped canvas and resin to accomplish one of her most meaningful pieces to date. As the years have progressed, Yaeli has grown her business tenfold, from painting in her laundry room to selling millions of dollars of art and Judaica over her professional career. She now paints and operates her own storefront, titled Yaeli, The Gallery, located in Cedarhurst, New York. The walls of the gallery are adorned with some of her greatest works available for viewing to the public. Her Judaica, most specifically the Tehillim and Siddur, has touched the lives of thousands of people using their pieces and copies everyday to connect with Hashem. Yaeli's art serves as a catalyst for connection and inspiration within her local community and beyond. As Yaeli paints everyday, we can expect to see more of her art and business endeavors in the future.


Jewish Latin Princess, Be Impactful by Impact Fashion, Kale In My Teeth, Jewish Money Matters, Life is Art by Yaeli Vogel


Women in the Arts OCLS - Group

Home Has More Than One Wall - Solo

Yaeli in Miami at The Altair Hotel - Solo

Dig It, Artist' Table Abstract - Group

Gallery Mavruk - Group



Valour UK

LA Weekly

OK! Magazine

House & Garden UK


Impact Fashion

Home Accents Today


Over 125 Original Pieces Sold

Over 160 Prints Sold

Art Sold in 8 Countries 

Selected Collector List:

Ricki Frydman, Dr. Edward Jutkawitz, Sophia Ausubel, Ivanka Trump, Pamela Gerstman, CMO Elliot Kahan, Mirlana Marris, Dr. Daniel Robbin

Selected Collectors have spent over twelve thousand dollars on Yaeli's Art.

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