These are some of the questions I get asked. If you have any additional questions, feel free to email me - sara@yaelifineart.com

How can I view the artwork? All artworks are located in the gallery, which is in Cedarhurst NY.  Viewings are by appointment only.
Email sara@yaelifineart.com to schedule an appointment.  

Are you located in Israel? We are located in Cedarhurst, NY.  

Difference of prints? The way I reproduce my art is as follows. I take the artwork to my printer and they remove it from its wooden base to be scanned. This way the resolution is second to none and the print quality is perfect. There are two options that the reproduction can be printed on.

 10 ML paper - This is a reproduction on 10 ML acid-free specialty art paper. This appeals to many since the quality of the scan comes across so strongly on the paper, that the viewer can see each and every bump from the original canvas. 
The digital print does must be framed, as the ink on the print, is sensitive and must be protected.  It can be covered with glass,
or our framer shellacs the print, = a clear veneer,  which gives it a beautiful original feel.   
A Digital print does not come framed.   We offer custom framing, if one would like.  This way, it arrives ready to hang. 
It is shipped in a custom made box to insure the frame.   Framing is a separate cost from the print.  
 If you don't frame, the print arrives rolled in a tube.
Acrylic: An acrylic is 1/4 piece of a acrylic. The art is lazer printed directly on the acrylic. There is a cleet in the back for hanging.  Up to size 30" x 40"
If you would like an acrylic in a larger size, please email sara@yaelifineart.com.
Please allow 3-4 weeks for production. Due to the size and weight of the acrylic, there is a shipping fee. please contact us for your custom size and shipping amount.

 || All reproductions are limited ||

Copyright? All my work is copyrighted, and can not be reproduced without my written consent.

Can I commission a painting? Right now, I’m not taking on any commissions.

How long does my artwork take to arrive?  Every Digital Print is made with you in mind, and they are made to order. Please allow two weeks for production and shipping. 

Can I pick up my art instead of shipped? Of course you can.

Do the paintings come framed? They can be! If you'd like custom framing, we can work with you based on style, space and decor. The framing is done by a 3rd party* and is a separate cost.

To frame or not to frame? I always say - frame. It elevates the painting so much. As for what color to go with? It all depends on your space. Feel free to email me with specific space questions and it’s always my pleasure to guide you. Your framer can do so as well.

And where to go for framing? *I work with a framer who offers my customers special pricing, so feel free to contact me for his information.


 Prints: If you are unsatisfied with your purchase,  you are welcome to return it.    If  a return is made, a credit is given, which can be used at any point in time.  It does not expire.   There are no refunds on prints.  There is a 20% restocking fee.  

Original Artwork:  Original artwork cannot be returned but can be exchanged.  

 Small original artworks - Which include: sculptures, watercolors, mini masterpieces, cannot be returned, but can be exchanged.  This is all subject to change depending on stock. 

Products -   Any other item which includes: challa covers, blessing cards, hagaddahs,  are subject to store credit or can be exchanged.

Sale - Any sale item cannot be exchanged or returned. 

Are you in galleries? All my work is sold exclusively through me.

Workshops and classes: Due to my love for painting and family, I devote my working hours to painting and alike. There simply is no time for classes right now. There may be a workshop in the future. We’ll see...

Fundraising events: I am happy to discuss. Every event is different and entails many things. Depending on the distance, I charge a traveling fee and there are shipping fees for the paintings. Please contact Chevy@yaelifineart.com
Designers: I love working with you. Design is my second passion, and it’s always a blast.

Press: I’m honored that my paintings are your topic of interest. There's much information here and on Instagram that are available for you to use.  Please ask and credit. For a more detailed spread, you can email info@yaelifineart.com to set up an interview.

I want a custom size print and the size isn’t on the site? Feel free to email me and order the size you desire. sara@yaelifineart.com

PLEASE NOTE: I retain the rights to each and every one of my paintings. I retain the right to reproduce any and all work I create, unless the collector has purchased the full rights to the artwork. Purchase of full rights is separate and above the cost of the painting itself. The collector or buyer cannot reproduce the artwork in any way without written permission.


If you'd like to custom frame your artwork, you simply state that in the comment section at checkout and write the color tones that you'd like.  Then when the print is in , we take it to the framer and pick out the best suitable frames, based on our eye and your decor.

We then snap images for you. Very detailed so that you can get the full picture. We sent it via text or emial, or if you'd prefer - Facetime.

Once you see all the frame options, you simply tell us which is your favorite and it's done! If you'd like to see even more options, we can send you more... Your satisfaction is our number one priority since you will be looking at the artwork every day...we want it to be perfect!