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Sukkah Prints - Anani Hakavod - Artwork for your Sukkah

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The cloud is hovering above the Chuppah, which also represents the Chuppah for the ultimate wedding with God and the Jewish people.
The cloud above the Chuppah represents warmth and protection. A new life about to begin. A bride and groom standing up there. Alone and together. So many emotions flood their hearts. it’s so unknown. How will they be? Who will they become? All these questions unanswered.
Then they look around and see the cloud. Always hovering right above them. They’re ok. They will be ok. They’re warm and protected, if they just look around, they will know.

A #succosexclusive artwork is made just for your succah! These are special artworks created just for succos.

All Sukkah Print posters come as high-quality prints on vinyl.

The vinyl is fully plastic and durable for the outdoors. It comes prepared with grommets, for easy hanging

* sizing is approximate- it may vary by an inch or two.  For the exact size please confirm in the comments by checkout. *

It’s my honor to be able to help and serve you with the mitzvah of beautifying your succah!

Chag Sameach,



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