Beautiful Pain

Beautiful Pain

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I think about this often…a broken heart with a beautiful smile…It makes for a great combination. Sugar and spice, Sweet and sour. It’s the blend with a kick that we all crave. Experiences of heart break stay with us. They’re embedded into the fabric of our being. And it’s the secret sauce that’s makes us who we are. Small or big, it all adds dimension to our inner worlds which shines through to the outer. BEAUTIFUL PAIN. The Kotel, a beautiful place that is saturated by Jewish tears, day in and day out, hearing all of our pain though the years…


Welcome to our collection of lithographs!

They are reproductions of 5 paintings, which are solely available in this format.  The original isn’t for sale.

This artwork is available for 6 months only.  It is signed and dated by the artist.

You can have it shipped rolled and have it stretched by your local framer.

We can ship it to you stretched and ready to hang on your wall.


If you’d like to have your artwork embellished by Yaeli, simply call or text 3473067880 or email 

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