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For all of you who want me to paint what’s in my heart, THIS is what’s in my heart, FIRE. Fire that burns so strong, that it has become my identity. Fire that burns so hard which, at times, I want to give some to someone else. To put it out for a bit. But it never stops burning. So I embrace it. I try and use it like it should be used. To inspire. To create. To mold. To add warmth and passion. At times, the fire overtakes me, and that’s the push and pull of our complete personalities. I embrace ALL of it. My name is Yael. Yud, Ayin, and Lamed. Those letters give me life. Those letters mold my soul. Those letters are who I am. When I try to grasp the fullness of this concept, I’m struck with awe and a tremendous feeling of responsibility. I’m a full package, made by G-d! It’s my job to DO something. We have to look at our whole selves. We have to know our whole selves. And then do something with the good that we’ve got! It wasn’t given for naught. Every letter combined together, makes you, YOU, and makes you UNIQUE! So with this painting, I ignite some of my fire onto you. Use the spark in your soul, and LIGHT UP THE WORLD, with YOU!