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Mispalilim | Semi-Original Giclee

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"Reality is wrong. Dreams are for real”. A funny thing happens - people tell you to think big, to go for it, but then when you do, they look at you like your a little crazy. Or tell you that it won’t happen. (Or if they’re your parent, tell you to go back to your real job) So what is it? Just words? “Dream big.. go for it..” nice lofty words that no one actually expects to come into fruition, so they can be said easily? It’s interesting...but the truth is, for those of you smart enough to believe in your dreams & the few people telling you to go for it, you’re doing the right thing! Because your reality is what you make it. And if you can trail-blaze past all the people who look at you like you’ve lost it, then you will eventually live your dream. It’s H.A.R.D work, but if you can dream it, you can create it. DREAM BIG. YOU can do it!

Semi Original Giclee is a high quality reproduction, printed on a stretched canvas. It is then hand embellished by the artist, all over the canvas. (not just in a few spots) This is called a semi Original piece because it is. Each piece is invested into with many hours, adding texture, color and a special uniqueness, where no two giclees are ever exactly alike.

Every giclee is signed in teil blue, as its known: #thesignatureinteil (limited availability).


This Painting is also available in Original and Digital Print.