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Har Sinai - Judaic Art

Har Sinai

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This painting is my living inspired - The Alef Bet are falling down, out of the luchot and into our hearts. It’s sometimes hard to grasp and live inspired, with the daily grind...but we try the best we can. They represent the mitzvot and so much depth in the Torah. 
Shavuot renews that for us, and for the rest of the year we can get back to those highest heights. Thank G-d for the holiday and for the Alef Bet...
PS: my favorite part is the shadow on the top of the mountain...what’s yours? 

Semi Original Giclee is a high quality reproduction, printed on a stretched canvas. It is then hand embellished by the artist, all over the canvas. (not just in a few spots) This is called a semi Original piece because it is. Each piece is invested into with many hours, adding texture, color and a special uniqueness, where no two giclees are ever exactly alike.

Every giclee is signed in teil blue, as its known: #thesignatureinteil (limited availability).

This painting is also available in OriginalAcrylic Print and Digital Print.