If The Wall Could Talk

If The Wall Could Talk

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I had this idea to paint the words love and kindness in Hebrew all over the canvas. But I also wanted to paint the kotel wall. I didn’t know which one to do 🤷‍♀️
Idea! Combine the two!!
My heart skipped a beat when the idea came in - that’s how you know it’s right ;) and it was done in my mind!

The painting is pops of color to compliment and complete the neutral tones around it.
In the blocks of color, there are words אהבה, רעות,שלום,חסד. They’re painted the same color as the block they are in, so the eye can see what it wants to see…

I felt this to be so appropriate for a home. Chesed starts at home. Love and friendship starts at home. I want my kids to pass it and think about it from time to time. Let it seep in…be kind to each other…
IF THE WALL COULD TALK that’s what it would say too.


Welcome to our collection of lithographs!

They are reproductions of 5 paintings, which are solely available in this format.  The original isn’t for sale.

This artwork is available for 6 months only.  It is signed and dated by the artist.

You can have it shipped rolled and have it stretched by your local framer.

We can ship it to you stretched and ready to hang on your wall.


If you’d like to have your artwork embellished by Yaeli, simply call or text 3473067880 or email sales@yaelivogel.com 

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