Just Pray (SOLD)

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24” x 24”

acrylic and gold leaf on canvas



What happened in Meron is far beyond our capacity of understanding.

We want to figure out why. Why did HaShem do this? So many questions...
But it doesn’t have to be a correlation to something exactly.

I think that’s a control thing. Like it’s so beyond our control so we need to find a reason to hold on to and wrap our human brains around, as a comfort of some kind.

When something happens, it can just be sad, and something for us to daven about. And revel in.

There doesn’t always have to be a reason or an answer. At least not right away. It could be HaShem just wants us to feel.

It can just be very tragic.

I think everyone has to introspect personally, and see where they can better themselves.

And daven. Just pray. Pray for them. Pray for us. And pray for Mashiach.

Just Pray (SOLD)

Just Pray (SOLD)