Miracles Everywhere

Miracles Everywhere

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This painting was done with individual small strokes. Each stroke was put on, one at a time. A menorah was not the plan. The plan was unclear at the start. But then once the menorah entered my mind, I really like the idea and I’ll tell you why. We all think of a miracle as something blown up, huge, out of the blue WOW, but in reality, there are miracles happening to us every single day! They’re not big or wow factors, but they are huge! I don’t have to sit here and tell you - you can all think of 20 right now...That’s the message that I wanted this painting to convey - miracles are all around us - start counting! And ps: they bounce off each other so once you start noticing, you’ll notice more and more.

30” x 24”

acrylic on canvas 

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