Monochromatic and Gold - Judaic Art

Monochromatic and Gold

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We all have the little voice inside that whispers true words.  We have to train ourselves to listen and trust it.  Sometimes, when ignored, It can get louder, and as inconvenient as it is, it's much better than if it is silenced, for good.   I am reminded of this, since a couple of weeks after I had thought this painting was complete, it kept staring at me in face, as if trying to let me know that it wasn't complete.  I kept thinking - gold leaf, Yaeli.  It needs gold leaf.  I ignored myself, until I snatched up the painting and didn't stop until it was all on, and boy was I thankful that I listened!  

The dancers are dancing off the canvas, into eternity.  Because that is who we are.  A people, a nation. Forever. 

30X40 Acrylic on Canvas.