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There is a special power in every letter of the Alef Bet.  It is something that speaks to me deeply and enjoy painting them tremendously. 

An idea popped into my head to paint Pasukim on acrylic + spray paint. 

The combination was instantaneous.  I knew I hit it!  The luminous colors of the spray paint make the letters stand out and bring out their power.  

These five were my “practice run” .  The first and few that I used to bring about this idea to fruition.   Creativity ran deep.  Each painting formed before my eyes and took a life of its own. 

The paintings were painted from behind.  Layers had to be thought of in advance - if there was gold leaf, that had to go on first, otherwise it would have been covered from the spray paint.  

Behind the painting is where you see the beautiful mess.  It’s the authentic navigator of creative energy.  It’s  alive! 

Owning one of the five means owning a piece of power.  Power of the letter and power of creation. 

The painting measures 10” x 8” 

It is hung with four stand off prongs that come off the wall - prongs are included. 


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