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Silver Lining

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When we feel we want to give up, normally that’s the point when if we just go one step further, it all comes together. G-d just really wants us, He wants to hear us, and when we can’t anymore, He kicks in. It’s all in our HOPE and prayer. I remember once sleep training my baby and it was murderous (obviously) I gave myself a few cries and then I went into his room to sooth him. One night he cried and I didn’t go, but I wanted to so badly! I stood by his door and was thinking - just cry one more time. If you cry, I’ll come in and hug you! It was literally at that moment that I realized how we have to cry to Hashem. He is right there on the other side of the door, waiting for us, so badly. So don’t give up hope, just pray. HOPE IS A SILVER LINING.