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The Bais Hamikdash

The Bais Hamikdash

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This painting was challenging to say the least! It started out so bland and was very discouraging, to where I had in mind to go with it. I wanted to depict it’s holiness, spirituality, majestic ness - all of it!! With much effort and prayer, this painting that you’re looking at, came forth. Then I found mother of pearl paint, which gave the Bais Hamikdash (Temple) the most ethereal feeling and it was complete. I added people walking, to inspire us. To make it real. May we be so fortunate to see this our real lives.

Digital print :  a high quality print on 10 ML, acid free specialty paper.  It needs to be framed.  It can be framed without glass, and be shellacked by our framer. (limited availability)

The original painting was scanned to ensure quality. Each stroke is vivid and clear for the viewer to see.

This print is signed and dated by Yaeli.

Please allow up to two weeks for production and shipment.

Framed Prints:  We will contact you to walk you through choosing a frame. There will be a shipping cost - contact us for your specific rate, based on size and location.


Acrylic:  An acrylic is  1/4  piece of a acrylic. The art is lazer printed directly on the acrylic. There is a cleet in the back for hanging.  Up to size 30" x 40"

If you would like an acrylic in a larger size, please email

Please allow 3-4 weeks for production. Due to the size and weight of the acrylic, there is a shipping fee. please contact us for your custom size and shipping amount.