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Sukkah Prints - Aliya L'Regel - Artwork for your Sukkah

Sukkah Prints - Aliya L'Regel - Artwork for your Sukkah

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One of my favorite memories of Succos in Israel is walking to the Kotel with masses of people. May we be zoche to walk very soon to the Bais Hamikdash, all together.

This painting is an abstract version of walking into the old city of Jerusalem through the Jaffa gate.

A #succosexclusive artwork is made just for your succah! These are special artworks created just for succos.

All Sukkah Print posters come as high-quality prints on vinyl.

The vinyl is fully plastic and durable for the outdoors. It comes prepared with grommets, for easy hanging

* sizing is approximate- it may vary by an inch or two.  For the exact size please confirm in the comments by checkout. *

It’s my honor to be able to help and serve you with the mitzvah of beautifying your succah!

Chag Sameach,



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