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Since we read Migilat Koehlet this time of year, I felt like opening it up and seeing what spoke to me. I always appreciated the concept of "a time". "Everything has an appointed season, and there is a time for every matter under the heaven." I then thought - well, if there is a time for everything, why not learn it from our for fathers in tanach (bible) & right before this verse I read that "there is nothing new under the sun, and what has been, is what will be." I then came up with this crazy, lofty idea to combine the concepts of all the different times in tanach. I tried to keep it light, and inspirational, and stayed away from death and alike. But, some of the time it's pretty and other times, it ain't so. 

This is a painting of depth and a visual explosion that can carry you for hours.

A #succosexclusive artwork is made just for your succah! These are special artworks created just for succos.

All Sukkah Print posters come as high-quality prints on vinyl.

The vinyl is fully plastic and durable for the outdoors. It comes prepared with grommets, for easy hanging

It’s my honor to be able to help and serve you with the mitzvah of beautifying your succah!

Chag Sameach,



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