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Sukkah Prints - Rav Elyashiv - Artwork for your Sukkah

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I saw this image in a magazine one Succos and loved it! A minute after yomtov was over, I found myself in the studio - paints, music and all...and now we get to enjoy it year after year.

A #succosexclusive artwork is made just for your succah! These are special artworks created just for succos.

All Sukkah Print posters come as high-quality prints on vinyl.

The vinyl is fully plastic and durable for the outdoors. It comes prepared with grommets, for easy hanging

* sizing is approximate- it may vary by an inch or two.  For the exact size please confirm in the comments by checkout. *

It’s my honor to be able to help and serve you with the mitzvah of beautifying your succah!

Chag Sameach,



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