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Yitzchack & Rivka

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“What’s meant to be will always find a way”
This painting started of with a splash of iridescent pearl white and then some curls of gold. I turned my back to fill up on some more paint and when I laid eyes on the canvas I saw it. Yitzchak and Rivka. It was in that week's parasha, (and no, it’s not a coincidence - It was on my mind and we focus on what’s in our heads). I went with it! There is symbolism here with the colors. The female and male energy is as different as black and white. There is much play with that as you can see. There is also gold leaf in the middle, symbolizing that when a couple brings together their unique colors and sync their energy as a team, as one, they create magic.                 

30X40 Acrylic on Canvas.