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7 Last Minute Tips To Make It Through The High Holidays 2022

by Team YaeliVogel on Sep 23, 2022

7 Last Minute Tips To Make It Through The High Holidays 2022

With Rosh Hashanah rapidly approaching, I’m sure a lot of you are feeling the stress of shopping, gifting, cooking and preparing your home. It can be a lot to get everything done between work, taking care of family and running a household. We get it! We’re here to provide you with 7 last minute tips that can relieve stress before sundown!


  1. Get All Of Your Shopping Done In One Trip:

It’s stressful enough having a long to do/grocery list, but by designating a set time for all of your shopping, you can leave the day before for cooking/last minute pick ups. Try listing everything you need using the brain dumping method. Brain dumping is a great technique to manage anxiety about leaving something out. Sit down with a pen and paper and list everything that comes to your head that you need to shop for. Then, 10 minutes later, come back to your list and make edits, take a walkthrough of your kitchen/home and fill in anything you might have missed. Now, try organizing your list into sections or stores. Grocery: with all food items, shopping: with anything you need for a gift, and liquor store: to get all of your wine. Now, you can leave with a clear plan in mind for a more efficient trip. 

2. Cook As Much As You Can Before Hand:

To prevent running out of time the day of or before, try preparing anything that can be stored in the refrigerator a couple of days ahead. The more you prep, the easier and less stressful cooking hot food or a big meal will be. Luckily, you can pick up ready made simanim at Yaeli Fine Art, courtesy of Chamudi Jacobs. Pair this with the simanim dish, and an entire aspect of your meal is taken care of!

3. Recruit Help for Cleaning Tasks:

The best part of having a family is-built in hands! Gather any helpers you can (and trust!) to break up some of the cleaning. That way, you can be assured that your home will look its best for any guests you might have. It’s a good idea to do a once over of the kitchen/bathroom the morning of as well!

4. Think About Gifts:

Unlike food shopping, gift shopping is something that you can take care of days, or even weeks before Rosh Hashanah. Make a list of everyone you need to buy for and jot down a couple of ideas for each. I personally like to research a few items before deciding on one. Some of our favorite gift ideas include the honey dish, challah knife, and challah board! These make beautiful editions that can be cherished for years to come. 

5. Find Out What Stores Are Open On Sunday:

To avoid pointless trips, make sure you familiarize yourself with store weekend hours/openings. The gallery will be open Sunday to make sure we can assist you with any last minute gifts or decor you need!

6. Plan Your Decor:

To avoid designing a tablescape an hour before your guests arrive, preplan what you want your home to look like. The Simanim cards, Shivat Haminim place settings, Yoghm plates and napkins are available in store and online to complete your yontif look!

7. Time Manage:

Make a schedule of things you need to get done the day before and of. When the time comes, try your best to stick to the schedule, that way you know you are staying on task! Its easy to get distracted with little details, or to fuss around with things someone else could help with. By prioritizing your schedule, you have time for everything and to most importantly, RELAX and enjoy yourself.

We are so excited that you loved the Rimon collection. These pieces can grace your Rosh Hashanah table for years to come. Remember to take a minute to breathe and enjoy your holiday! Have a sweet new year from Yaeli and her team!

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