Yaeli: The Artist

I am a self taught artist and paint full time. I love creating art, but it’s so much more than that for me. My art is full of layers, depth, movement and color. The movement and the color, because the world can always use more color and movement - Bright, happy and inspiring - to add vibrancy to life. With the layers and the depth, I hope that people are inspired to look deep into themselves and hear their own, unique voice, and understand that it’s never what’s on the surface that counts the most, it’s all on the inside. The layers create our uniqueness, but we have to strip it down and listen to our own whispers. I hope that when one views my work they can come to the realization, that on the inside, after delving deep, we are all so similar, all parts of one whole. And, to realize that we must join together, like all the colors, because it’s colors, when stroked together, that create masterpieces.

We all want it to be great. Just right . I know I do. With so many expectations...With my art, I’ve come to learn that the mistakes make the art even better, the unexpected takes it to the next level and the imperfections is what ties it all together, making it in essence, perfect. That’s what my art represents. Letting go and enjoying the beauty in our imperfect lives.

My favorite time to paint is at night, when the entire world seems still. I’ll whip out my brushes paints, turn up the music and I am in my zone. As long as I have a brush, paints, and some water I can pretty much paint anywhere. I began painting in my children’s playroom, then shifted over to the laundry room, then upgraded into the studio but realized I enjoy painting late at night so painting at home is my ideal, and so we’ve designated a room in our home just for painting. When I enter this room, everything that’s on my mind fades away, or fuels up the brush for the next stroke. Either way, it’s a place where I find peace and meet my higher self. It’s a place where I observe humanity, and explore simultaneously. It’s a place of safety and risk, pushing boundaries that lead me into the unknown. Yet, every time I push forward, I discover the richness of both our inner and outer worlds.

Artist's Trivia

  • ARTIST CRUSH: Klimt, Monet, Matisse.
  • DREAM LOCATION: Mykonos, Greece
  • SECRET TALENT: identifying songs from the get go 

At the end of every day, when I lay my brushes down, my hope is that the strokes reflect the journey of discovery, and that ultimately, we get to ride in this, together.

Now that you’ve gotten to know a bit about me, I’d love to learn about you too - let’s keep in touch! I’ll send you emails from time to time, messages right from me to you. You’ll come back into the studio for more behind the scenes magic & get early access to new releases. Thanks for stopping by here, thank you for your support, and we’ll meet again soon!