Yaeli: The Artist

I know a painting is ready to face the world when I can feel it dancing. My painting rules:  Never look stark  Can’t look too messy  Needs something poetic I paint with movement and color because the world can always use more. I aim for bright, happy and inspiring - to add vibrancy to life. With the layers and depth in my paintings, I hope that people are inspired to look deep into themselves and hear their own, unique voice. I hope people come to understand that it’s never what’s on the surface that counts the most, but what’s inside that matters. I hope that when one views my work they can come to the realization, that on the inside, after delving deep, we are all so similar, all parts of one whole. And to realize that as people, we must join together, like the color spectrum—because it’s colors that blend when stroked together that create masterpieces.

My favorite time to paint is at night, when the entire world seems still. I’ll whip out my brushes paints, turn up the music and I am in my zone. As long as I have a brush, paints, and some water I can pretty much paint anywhere. I began painting in my children’s playroom, then shifted over to the laundry room, then upgraded into the studio but realized I enjoy painting late at night which is why painting at home is my ideal. We’ve now designated a room in our home just for painting. When I enter this room, everything that’s on my mind fades away, or fuels up the brush for the next stroke. Either way, it’s a place where I find peace and meet my higher self. It’s a place where I observe and explore humanity, simultaneously. It’s a place of safety and risk, pushing boundaries that lead me into the unknown. Yet, every time I push forward, I discover the richness that lies in our inner and outer worlds.

While creating, I make mistakes, lots of them. As a perfectionist, it used to annoy me and I would work on trying to get my paintings exact and real. I was left with stark, lifeless paintings and a very frustrated artist. More mistakes would happen and I’d try to fix them again. Until one time when I didn’t. I left it and went with it, and to my surprise, the mistake gave the painting life; and a masterpiece emerged. That’s when I started purposely ‘messing up’ my perfectly perfect paintings that I never really liked, and that was all it needed. I was content. I now see that art is a mirror to life. One major similarity is the imperfections. As humans, we are all naturally perfectionists in our own way and we really want things to always go our way. But…..they don’t. Up close, those instances can evoke so much negativity from within, but when we stand back and look at that moment from a distance, oftentimes, we may not see perfection, but we can recognize beauty. That’s life and that’s my art. I hope that these feelings of mine are reflected through my paintings and deliver beauty and an understanding of what makes life truly beautiful too.

Artist's Trivia

  • ARTIST CRUSH: Klimt, Monet, Matisse.
  • DREAM LOCATION: Mykonos, Greece
  • SECRET TALENT: identifying songs from the get go 

At the end of every day, when I lay my brushes down, my hope is that the strokes I’ve created reflect my journey of discovery, and that ultimately, we get to explore this journey, together.

My mission and Values 

My mission in life and with art is really one and the same. I simply want to add beauty and depth to the world. If we can strip life down to its essence, isn’t life all about finding, creating, and giving meaning to every moment? That’s what keeps the embers burning inside me, that desire to create meaning through colors and brushes. And while I’ve done just that, I’ve come to understand that life is not perfect, but it is beautiful.

  • Authenticity Be real. Stay truthful to your inner world and you will radiate from within.
  • Gratitude Say thank you to the people in your life who help you grow. Most of all, be grateful to Hashem for every day.
  • Courage Go outside of your comfort zone and see your confidence blossom. Always take the road that will challenge your status quo.
  • Perseverance Keep trying. Get up every day and aim to succeed.
  • Joy Appreciate life’s pleasures. Find spaces to dance.
  • Beauty Enjoy beautiful things, appreciate that Hashem created his world for our pleasure.
  • Spirituality Find a medium that touches your soul and access it often.
  • Abundance Think big. There is always more if Hashem wills it. With this in mind, be generous.

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