Yaeli's Story: From The Beginning Until Today

Yaeli painting out of her basement in 2016

....before the gallery, the sales and the notability.

The First Exhibitions...

Yaeli's Solo Show at the Woodmere Hewlet Library.

Advice to new artists from Yaeli: "Paint everyday, I never stopped painting"

Things start to take off:

"I painted all day long, and showed it to what little followers I had. They went and showed friends, all of the sudden, I'm able to make prints. The prints took off and suddenly I'm able to invest and make my first product. We moved to a storefront and the rest is history..."

"I paint with acrylic, watercolor and guache mainly...

...I love working with those mediums as they’re water based.
They give me a chance to play and work up the layers,
creating so much depth and contrast.
Just like what’s inside us all"

"Life is similar to painting, it's not perfect, but it's beautiful."

Yaeli: I don’t really talk about it much, but people FEEL it. It speaks through my strokes and that’s what we connect to. Human feelings and emotions. My work is here to remind us all of our humble humanness and that it’s ok to not always be ok. Life isn’t perfect but it’s so beautiful.

One of the most special pieces in the Gallery, "All In Harmony"

"I don’t have a favorite painting since they are all like my children. But when you ask me about a specific piece, I’ll probably tell you that it’s my favorite and it’s true!"

More Opportunities Arrive...

Solo Exhibition

At the Altair Hotel in Miami

An Artist's Initiative by Yaeli Vogel

A Home Has More Than One Wall

Purim 2022

Purim Exhibit and part at The Gallery

"I do love aesthetics and beautiful things so I’m always looking. Jewelry gives me a lot of inspiration, and then I combine that with things that spirituality move and speak to me, like David Hamelch, for example. His life really inspires me, so I created a painting that encompasses all of him."

Inspiration Comes From Many Different Places

"Being outside in nature is such an inspiration to me.
Zooming into one of God's creations like a simple leaf for example.
Seeing all the strands and veins
The colors in one leaf!!
It’s wild and breathtaking!!
I want to stare at it, study it and paint it.
Same with landscapes, beautiful views, skys, streets, and buildings.
When I get that obsessive feeling of needing to study it completely, I know I must paint it
After that I’m so content."

What makes my paintings so magnetic?

"I think it’s the pain and depth that’s right under the surface.
Painting is my therapy,
It has helped me release, and relax.
It’s my meditation and my medicine;
Painting saved me-
I suffer from severe anxiety due to past childhood experiences.
The pain is there,
It doesn’t go away,
But I’m doing something with it.
Taking my paints and brushes,
churning it and making it beautiful"