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While sitting down to paint this painting, I was listening to a podcast and got completely immersed, and lost all sense of reality.  
What I was seeing in front of me, from the reference photo, was not what I was seeing in the painting.  I continued going with it, almost unaware of what was forming.  
When it was complete, I LOVED what I saw!  An alleyway in Yerushalayim, but with a sense of fantasy, a little bit of tomorrow.  One day soon....when mashiach comes IH the streets will be completely vibrant and our dreams will formalize into reality! 

The Luminous Spirit Collection  

I was so compelled to paint with watercolors.  It happens about twice a year, where I let myself go with watercolors.  I don’t have a theme, or an agenda when I sit to paint with watercolors.  All I know is I have to paint!  The colors or strokes  that speaks to me is how the painting is determined.  
Each Painting was painted directly from the heart.  That was the common thread throughout these 11 paintings.  

The painting process is mostly subconscious.  I’m immersed in it, and then when the painting is complete, I stand back and view.  Each painting teaches me something as I look at it and beyond it.
My deep prayer is that it touches you similarly, in your heart and in your home.  


This painting is 11” x 14” 

watercolor on arches watercolor paper 


The artwork is unframed.  If you’d like to have it framed, kindly email

A certificate of authenticity is included with the artwork. 

Thank you so much for supporting my work.  Creating this artwork and having it hang in your home is one of my deepest honors. 



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