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If you look closely at the people praying you will notice that one of them is not in black and white. He's in green and brown. He could be a soldier or whom ever you imagine him to be. ✨B'acdudut✨ We all talk about being less judgmental, more accepting, more loving & forgiving. But how? That's what I always think. I'm real. I'm open. I have complex emotions just like everyone else. Sometimes they are warm & fuzzy and other times they're far from it. What I have found though, through my process thus far, is the more fulfilled I am inside, the more loving & accepting I am to others. It's all about our inside. How nourished it is. How watered it is. If there is contentedness within, the world around can be the same. So hang out with yourself a bit more and think about you. Who YOU are. It will go a long way.



Signed and dated by Yaeli.  

This is a canvas print.  It can be stretched and framed.  

Allow approximately two inches on each side for framing. 

 Shipping: local pick up - free

Feel free to  contact us via text or WhatsApp: 3473067880

Keep in mind: If you live in the Tri-state area, the best option is to Uber it directly to you.

If the artwork is going outside of the NY Tri-state area, please reach out and we will will assist you in terms of shipping cost.  The flat shipping rate of 7.99 will be applied to the total shipping cost. 

The original painting was scanned to ensure quality. Each stroke is vivid and clear for the viewer to see.

If you’d like gold leaf embellishments or brush strokes, you can add that option to your order.  You can find it at the bottom of the page.  -   where you can have some gold embellishments and or a few brush strokes done by Yaeli.

Please allow up to two weeks for production and shipment.

Framed Prints:  Once the print is ordered, it is printed and then brought over to the framing gallery.  That takes about two weeks.   Then, you'll send over images of your space, decor, swatches or aesthetic and based upon that and the artwork, we match five top frames that compliment it best.  Then we send the images over to you and you choose the one that you like best.  We can always send more options based upon request.  

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