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Dance with Abandon - Judaic Art

Dance with Abandon | Original

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I’ll tell you how I came up with this painting - a long time ago I saw a painting of a bunch of butterflies in a magazine and filed the concept somewhere in my brain, knowing that I wanted to recreate it somehow. Last week I came across that image again and I remembered my inspiration & knew that if I didn’t act NOW it wouldn’t happen. So here it is! 
I love the light, abstract and the flow of the painting, but the meaning behind it has my heart. 
This is a painting of self expression and being completely comfortable in our own skin. I love engaging with people who are fully present and content with themselves, it’s a breath of fresh air! I have a truthfulness to me & I say things as they are. Those who know me, know that it’s completely a part of who I am, and I have come to love that. Own what you have and run with it or dance with it! Don’t shy away it, or try to change so much from who YOU are. Embrace yourself for all that you are and DANCE WITH ABANDON 

24" X 24"


This painting is also available in Digital Print.