Eishes Chayil

Eishes Chayil

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36” x 60”

acrylic on canvas 

A woman of Valour. I wanted to paint an eishes chayil painting for a while now, but wanted it to be...special! It was on my mind for a long time. One night I was browsing on Instagram and saw a monochromatic blue painting of hearts that I thought was fabulous. I made a mental note of it. The next morning I woke up and it clicked - Blue. Butterflies. Eishes chayil!!! Butterflies embody femininity. They change their states and add so much beauty to the world. I thought the combination would be spectacular and I really like the result :) BH 🙏 #yaelioriginal. Every painting is divine intervention like I say, I just trust that it will come through - yep, sometimes it can come from a simple Instagram post ;)

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