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A Gift to Ivanka Trump

by Yaeli Vogel on Dec 06, 2022

A Gift to Ivanka Trump

When I shipped out this painting to Ivanka Trump, I hoped that the shipping clerk didn’t notice the address - I was mortified. I was a crazy person, shipping out an oversized package to Ivanka Trump.

When he asked me where it’s going, I muttered Washington, so quickly, under my breath. But, hey, life is all about taking chances and our choices, so I wasn’t going to let a little bit of weird feelings get in the way.

I went home to track the package for the next 20 days. Finally it said: delivered. To where? To who? I had no clue. I wanted to have it returned, but I decided to leave it hoping and believing that I did the right decision.

Ivanka Trump at the Western Wall painted by Yaeli Vogel

When I got a phone call from the appraiser for the President of United States of America, I knew the painting was well on its way. Then there was more waiting. All I could do was just believe that Ivanka would get it, and love it. It was so real to me, I could feel it! And finally it happened, so completely out of the blue - an envelope with a check inside, addressed to me from @ivankatrump.

I needed closure, and I wanted a confirmation, that the hard work from the painting, was worth it, and that the goal was seen to the end. And I’m here to tell you that feeling funny was so worth it!

People really didn’t understand why I was wasting my time, or why I wanted to get disappointed. I could’ve gotten disappointed, but the fear of never knowing is so much greater than the feeling of disappointment. Like Jeff Bezos says: “It’s not out gifts that we are proud of, but of our choices.” We have one life to live, let’s choose well, choose with your own heart, and let’s not live anyone else’s life.

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