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The Yoghm Blog | The Print Shop Is Open

by Team YaeliVogel on Nov 18, 2022

your vibe attracts your tribe

Yoghm, created by artist Yaeli Vogel, although its own company, is still shared and loved by all of her fine art family as well. We know how much the YFA prints are cherished by many of her customers, so she felt inspired to create a series of paintings, all available for print. The print shop, now open on Yoghm.com, is available all year round! Unlike the Yaeli Fine Art print shop, which is only open for one day a year, you can shop and re-shop all of your favorite Yoghm artwork whenever your heart calls you to it.

The collection contains not only abstract pieces, but animal prints, landscapes and quotes from Yaeli herself. With uplifting phrases like, “Your vibe attracts your tribe” and “I can. I will. I must,” these prints will bring light and motivation into your home. Along with a bear print that would be perfect for a nursery or child’s room, there is something for everyone—just in time for the holiday season. A print makes such a timeless and thoughtful gift, and each print has the option to be framed with our custom framer. That way, your new artwork can be tailored to your home exactly the way you want it. The prints also come in two different sizes each, to fit the exact look you want for your walls!

The Fine Art edition of all of the prints is also available, for a stunning and one of a kind piece to add to your home. All of the prints have been created from the original fine art piece, and once the painting sells, it will be sold for good! So make sure to take advantage of these pieces if one really speaks to you. After all, life is short- buy the art!

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