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A Little Bit Goes A Long Way

by Yaeli Vogel on Jun 26, 2018

A Little Bit Goes A Long Way

This morning was tough.  I wasn’t feeling up to painting or doing much.  I finished breakfast and played with my almost 3 year old - He’s home with me for a few days till his camp starts and while his brothers are at their camp, I’m trying to take advantage of our time together.  But then he went to take a nap and all I wanted to do was...well, do the same thing!  Take a nap.  

I thought ahead to that moment when I’d wake up and have a full and unchecked to do list & it didn’t seem worth it to me today.  (Sometimes, it is worth it) but today I knew I’d feel bad when I woke up.   

Instead of “starting” to work, I just did a little bit unofficially without any expectations.  It was relaxing knowing that even if I painted two strokes on the painting, I was doing!   

Well, before I knew it, I turned around and everything I had set out to do, got done.  And best of all - it was fun!   I continued working on this image that’s photographed, which is a new piece that will be printed for the Succah and got to start another painting for Succos.  I also uploaded a video onto YouTube and IGTV, signed & packaged a few prints and all I have left is the post office.  

I’m realizing that sometimes our “to do” lists discourage us more than help us.  When I was so tired and saw everything I set out for the day, I just wanted to blink and have it all disappear!  Sometimes, simply writing one or two things down get us to really do those one or two things and once we’re pumped, inspire us to go ahead and do further.   

Maybe we should start leaving spaces in the list and fill them in with things once we’ve done them.  Hmmm, what do you think?  

Happy Doing! 



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