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What Are Your Sources of Inspiration

by Yaeli Vogel on Mar 06, 2019

What Are Your Sources of Inspiration

I used to get so overwhelmed by this question.  Almost scared.  How do I answer?  What should I say? Will what I say be sufficient?  Will my answer define me as an artist?  These thoughts would flood my mind, each time I was put on the spot. I could’ve just found a base answer and pulled it out each time it needed to be used, but I didn’t.  It wasn’t authentic enough for my artistic soul.  And so I would say this and I would say that - esoteric, perplexing art words which truly meant nothing to the and probably left the listener wondering even more.   (although, not such a bad and thing either)

What I’ve come to realize on my painting journey thus far, is that inspiration is so overrated and freeing my mind is EVERYTHING.  There is a constant bombardment of information, ideas, and inspiration all over.  The world is full of it and it’s getting fuller every single day.   What I see happening is that, when I relax, put the phone down, take some time to think and rest, the inspirations just swipe past me in thought.  I must be aware of their ever so slight movement and grab them by the horn.  Many times, the ideas will come right before I doze off and ill remember it when I wake up and then will enter it into my notes.

Other times, there is no clear direction when I begin an art piece.  It will start as purely subconscious, laying on strokes and color.  As I move along, the inspiration meets me on the way.  It happens each time!

So what I’ve come to understand, is that us as humans, need to chill.  We don’t always need to know.  We don’t must have answers, but we have to allow ourselves to hear.  To become vessels of learning and growth.  When we are in a calm state like that, true inspiration festers about. 

And in the meantime, when asked this question once again, of where do you get your inspiration for your artwork? Ill simply respond with “I get it from myself.”


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