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Less selfies, more focus

by Yaeli Vogel on May 15, 2019

Less selfies, more focus

While I truly enjoy the likes of social media I cannot say the same to the all the photos that come along with it.  Allow me to explain.

You probably wouldn't have heard me say this a few years ago, but painting every single day did have an affect! 

If I want the painting that I'm working on to present itself in the way that I envision, well then, I must give it my all.  I have to focus all of my energies into what's in front of me.   I go inside.  I try to use my peripheral vision to see what I'm not seeing, or turn away from the canvas, and look back at it, to gain insight as to what stroke to put down next.  Painting, for me, is an internal game.   (Yes,  this takes energy.  Almost like a workout.)  I get so carried away by the moment, that all time seems to stop.  Then after many hours, I stand back, and what stares back at me, is all of that energy and focus.  

Sometimes I want to "story" the process but I truly forget, getting so lost in the moment, and think to myself when I'm done - shoot! I should have clipped that! 

That's also how I feel while at social events.  I love people!  I want to connect and say hi.  In an awesome way.  Where you can really leave feeling connected, even if the conversation was 1.5 minutes.  But... selfies seemed to replace that.  A selfie became the connection.  It connects us somehow,  sure it does.  But, as a high maintenance kinda girl, I don't buy it.   

Selfies are fun! But first, let's focus our lens, and truly connect.  


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