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New Gallery

by Yaeli Vogel on Sep 18, 2019

New Gallery
Will you be painting at your new gallery?

I’ve wondered why people keep asking me this question and then I thought about a different artist – would I care about where they were painting – for sure! So now I totally get and want to shed some light.

I’ve always wanted a place where I’ve can see all of the paintings at once and have this grandiose effect. So when I looked for a space, I really wanted somewhere with WALLS to hang up artwork. I didn’t even think about working there as well.

Then we found this space and it was really too goo to be true. It was exactly what I’d envisioned. Extra tall ceilings with WALLS. A M A Z I N G. So we took it.
Then I began browsing and Pinterest to see how we could fix it up. Oh I didn’t mention- it was a storage place before and was very undone. Like completely raw.

I gathered different art galleries that I’ve been to and picked and chose the elements I loved from them.
I wanted something warm and fresh. I saw the work Island many times on Pinterest in fancy art studios and alike and knew that would be included. It just us to be.

The place came out fabulous and the work Island was even more so! So even though, yes, the space primarily focuses on show casting the works, I also paint a lot by the Island – right now, actually working on a watercolor series while Sarah, my assistant, works on the computer. It’s a lot of fun

Slowly, acrylic paints are making their way in, and eventually there will be an easel there too.
I’m not moving my easel from my painting room in my basement since there is no way that I’m running out at 10:30 at night to the gallery to paint.
There is nothing like painting in your pjs at home. Nothing.

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