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Pieces of a Puzzle

by Yaeli Vogel on Mar 21, 2020

Pieces of a Puzzle

I keep going back to this - pieces of a puzzle -

We’re all in this together and every person counts...

Everyone has what to add and share...

One person is an entire world...

We all have so much power!!

With all that, we should be staying home.  Staying home to stay safe and keep everyone around us safe.

Right now we have to not use our power which is the greatest power.  If one piece of the puzzle moves out - the entire puzzle can fall apart.

So We’re home with a lot of time to fill.


I was laying on the floor yesterday, playing with my 4.5 year old and baby when this idea popped in.   I was thinking I’m bored. He’s bored.  They’re bored.

So paint? Why don’t we ALL paint? Why don’t we all paint something together?!

Where everyone is a piece in the puzzle!


 You create an artwork.  Then you either mail it back or take a photo and send it.

Then when all the artworks are in, (in a few weeks time) I will compile them all into a giant painting.

We will then donate the artwork with proceeds going to the organization.

The ones who participated will be getting a print of the work.

 If you have paints that’s great! Use them.  Whenever you want.  If you don’t have access, then use any creative material you’d like - markers, crayons, pencils...

 #piecesofapuzzle  - art challenge



  1. Get out paints, ( if not then markers, crayons...anything you can create with)
  2. Paint anything you’d like! Abstract.  Lines.  Shapes.  Image.  Color by number.       Whatever your heart desires, and where ever your emotions take you.       Let it be whatever it is.  Therapeutic...relaxing...letting go...a release...Anything peaceful...There are no rules to painting and no right way.    Wear gloves while doing so.
  3. Take of pic of yourself painting and use hashtag #piecesofapuzzle and tag @yaelivogel to share this with your friends and have them do it too.
  4. Mail in your final product.  (Or send in a pic of you’d prefer)
  5. We’re all in this together and every person counts.  Everyone has what to add and share.  One person is an entire world.
  6. When it’s all done, everyone who contributed a painting will receive a print of the finished GRAND masterpiece.
  7. The grand artwork will be donated.

link for supplies: 




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