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Cleaning Up

by Yaeli Vogel on Apr 23, 2020

Cleaning Up

Vibes are real even if we don’t see them.  We feel it.  We feel when there’s a positive feeling being exuded from someone.  There’s a lightness in the air.  There can also be a heaviness or uneasy, or negativity going around.  We feel that too.  What is it? It’s energy vibrations being set out from all of us.

What kind of vibes are you putting out into the world?

What do you want to world to have more of?

How do you want to play your part?

By infusing it with your good spirits or the opposite?

Use the mask as the opportunity to pause and think.

Think of what the world needs more of.  Think of what your loved ones need more of, and what you need more of.   Good energy.  Positive spirits and great vibes!

Let’s clean up this world together.


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