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Purim 2023 at The Gallery!

by Team YaeliVogel on Mar 06, 2023

Purim 2023 at The Gallery!

As March rolls around again, we prepare for another Purim! With 24 hours to go were going to walk you through all of our Mishloach Manot available, for that amazing last minute gift!

For your Neighbors:

  • Our 'Go-To Mishloach Manot': The perfect 'total' package. It includes, a purple mask, cooloo cocktail, PureSugar Candies, Teflon L'Purim, Chocolate Bar and a Mini Purim acrylic.

For your Child's Teacher: 

  • The Soft Cover Megillah Esther: This Megillah is the perfect gift for teachers, principals, or anyone who loves to travel in your life. 5X7, small, lightweight to carry and simply stunning, this Megillah packs all of the punch of the hardcover version in a small compact book!

For your Corporate Clients:

  • The 'Mishloach Manot' in Blue: The most thorough, classiest and the most FUN of our Purim Catalog! Set in a luxurious deep blue acrylic box, Yaeli designed this item to be stacked on a bookshelf or coffee table. The box includes the hardcover, full size Megillah Esther, chocolates, Pure Sugar Purim candy, alcoholic cooloo ice pop, and the Netilat Yadayim towel.

For your (favorite) Sibling:

  • The 'Sky Blue Box Mishloach Manot': Set in a stunning acrylic box, that can be used for decor or storage after Purim, this Mishloach Manot has all of the snacks, sweets and alcohol you would ever need. Comes with Popinsanity, PureSugar candy, Drizzelicious, Bartenura Can, Tefillot L'Purim and Mini Purim acrylic. 

Stop in TODAY until 5 to get everything you need for your last minute Purim Gifts!

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