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What is Art Deco? And How Can It Upgrade Your Space?

by Team YaeliVogel on Feb 09, 2023

What is Art Deco? And How Can It Upgrade Your Space?

Art Deco is an art style that attempts to integrate practical objects with artistic touches. This movement is different from fine art (Painting and sculpture) where the art object does not function.The Art Deco era fell between the two World Wars, and symbolized the West’s modern vision of progress. This modern style movement was particularly noticeable in France and the United States.

The style attributes of Art Deco include, geometric forms, repetition, symmetry, clean, and sleek lines. The overall aesthetic is streamlined and polished. The main visual features of the Art Deco aesthetics were derived from repetitive use of linear shapes. If this aesthetic matches your home, here are some tips you can use to add an Art Deco flair to your living spaces:

  • Focus furniture on streamlined shapes
  • Go wild with prints and colors
  • Add some functionality to your sculptures
  • Lighting plays a huge role
  • Make a statement piece using mirrors
  • Focus on over the top glamour

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