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Q & A!

by Yaeli Vogel on Nov 26, 2019

Q & A!

Interview with Yaeli Vogel

How did you get started making art?

I always painted! Always had some paints stacked away that I would pull out. I started making paintings for my own home and then continued in that.

Who are your favorite artists?

Teil Duncan, Vladimir Volkov, Matisse, Gustav Klimt

What inspires you?  Has the inspiration changed over time?

Happy life and people inspire me. Vibrant color and shapes also. My inspiration didn't change. I'm very consistent in what I gravitate towards

Was your art always Jewish themed?  Do you do other work?

I don't only do Jewish themed. I like to call myself a contemporary artist and I weave that style into Judaic art as well

How did you get into a gallery the first time?  Do you only show in Jewish galleries? Do you find that other galleries are open to Jewish artwork? 

I got into a gallery by walking in and asking them if they wanted to represent my work -- they said yes.  I then pulled out since I wanted to exclusively sell my work and keep the profit. Non-jewish galleries are open to Jewish art -- it's art! But to be practical you have to see where your clientele is

How many hours a day do you usually work?

Three to four hours a day. Sometimes less. Sometimes more. In the beginning it was a lot more

Do you work on more than 1 piece at a time?

I do work on more than one piece at a time

How do you have your workspace set up?

I keep my workspace as minimal as possible -- easel and paints. Nothing fancy

In your beginning stages as an artist, when you were commissioned, how did you set a price?  Is there a formula you used? Do you make a contract for the artwork before you begin?

I always say that I paint the painting just like I would if it wasn't a commission. If they like it in the end, then they get first dibs. There's no contract or initial fees, or else it is a job and I don't like to work :-). I have a formula for pricing. You can check out Lachri fine art on YouTube for the formula -- type in how to price my artwork.

Do you ever turn down work?  Do you have criteria for what commissions you choose to accept or decline?

I always turn down work. If I don't want to paint it or it isn't in my realm of ideas or style, I'm not doing it

How do you price your work now that you are an established artist?

I establish pricing based on my formula. I go up a percentage each year

How do you keep customers coming back?

I keep my customers by being relevant in their world. I show up.

What do you find is the best way to promote yourself and your art?

Best way to promote is online -- be everywhere that you can. YouTube Instagram Facebook LinkedIn Tik Tok….

Do you sell prints of your paintings?  If yes, how do you decide which ones and how many?

I decide which ones based on what's most popular and has most requests. I don't make prints of my large works since those can't be scanned and the people who buy large works probably want to have it exclusive, so it works out. I keep the prints on the site for 6 months to a year and then they go off forever. They are signed and dated.

Do you, or would you recommend an emerging artist, use social media to sell art?  Has it expanded your customer/collector base?

I always recommend to use social media -- it's free!! Best way for an emerging artist to get a client base and have an audience

How would you suggest an emerging artist go about getting into a gallery?

Best way to get into a gallery is walking in and showing them your portfolio of work

And last but not least… What advice would you give to students on how to become a successful artist once they are out of school?  

Market Market Market and practice practice practice -- paint everyday and for every painting, market it out on all the social platforms and get it sold.


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