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The Chanukkah Gift Edit 2022

by Team YaeliVogel on Nov 15, 2022

The Chanukkah Gift Edit 2022

Its finally time for the Chanukkah Collection here at Yaeli Fine Art! This year we are offering gorgeous new products and customer favorites, all adorned in our brand new Chanukkah boxes. Its the festival of lights so why not use every color on the spectrum? This year instead of the traditional blue, everything you order from the gift edit will be wrapped in our stunning iridescent packaging!

Some of your favorites from the Chanukkah edit:

Blessings: This collection includes, Birchat habanim, Birchat haesek and Birchat Habayis! All are original paintings by Yaeli with tefillot on them. This collection is simply one of a kind.

Havdala: The black and white edition of the Havdala set includes a 10 x 10 tray, Havdala prayer block, circle candle, colored matches, & a cloves box. This makes for the perfect gift, completely personal and meaningful!

Shabbos Kodesh: This collection includes, the Bentcher set- four bentchers, and an acrylic box to keep them in, the Challah Board, the Challah knife and Mayim Achronim. This collection makes for a great gift, useable any time of year!

Menorah: The carved glass menorah is made of crystal and has an exclusive painting of yerushalayim on it, painted specifically for the menorah. This is a collector’s piece, one to display all year long. The shamesh is removable, with an embossed logo on the side.

Our favorites from the Chanukkah edit:

Higher Power- Graffiti Collection: There is a special power in every letter of the Alef Bet. It is something that speaks to Yaeli deeply and she enjoyed painting them tremendously. Owning one of the five means owning a piece of power. Power of the letter and power of creation. The paintings measure 10” x 8.” Hung with four stand off prongs that come off the wall - prongs are included. 

Rabbis: 9x 12 acrylic artwork collection including Chafetz Chaim, Rav Ovadiah Yosef, Rav Yoel Teitelbaum, Rav Moshe Feinstein, Reb Shayala, Bal Sehm Tov, BabaSali and Rav Pam.

Mini Masterpiece: Mini masterpieces are a perfect gifting option for your pop art loving friend. All are original acrylic paintings from Yaeli Vogel! Titles include, Pink Lining, Mini Mosaic, Have Faith, Candlesticks and Chuppah.

Keep your eyes out for part two of this post where we introduce the Chanukah collaboration with Yoghm, new products and even a new game from Yaeli herself. Happy shopping!

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