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The Yoghm Blog | An Interview with Chani Zavdi of Elegance Tableware: Bringing Style and Charm

by Team YaeliVogel on Nov 18, 2022

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For today's Yoghm blog, we had the chance to speak with Chani Zavdi, Founder of Elegance Tableware, about tips Yoghm followers can use to take their table decor up a notch! With the new tablescape collection now available, you can expect to level up your dining room game.

I: How does one find their personal design style?

C: First of all it’s important to know that everyone has a creative side. I would start by seeing something that inspires you and noticing how that makes you feel.  I’m general, being fearless and willing to experiment is a sure way to discover your unique style .

I: How do you combine beauty/art with function in your table designs?

C: Sometimes I color out of the lines on this one, and I compromise on function when I’m really inspired. I guess my answer is, it’s a work in progress.

I: What are you tips for making a small dining table/area look bigger?

C: In those cases, less is always more. Go for something more subtle than loud. 

I: Do different dining table shapes require specific table settings?

C: I don’t know the “official” rules on this one. I do recommend when using a round table to go with round chargers and plates which creates a cohesive flow. 

I: What are some of your favorite pieces to put on a tabletop?

C: Anything nature. I love bringing whatever I find in my backyard, whether it’s plants or a flower to add to each individual setting. As a centerpiece, I like adding small bouquets and candlesticks (even though I don’t necessarily light them) it adds to the vibe.

I: Should I build my table scape around a certain piece or color of tableware?

C: Yes, for me the foundation is the tablecloth, and then I go from there . 

I: Can a table runner make my space look more chic?

C: I personally don’t like the official table runner look on top of a tablecloth. But I do like creating unique runners, like with ribbon, unfinished fabrics, and eucalyptus leaves.

I: How do you mix different prints without making a space look too busy?

C: I’m not a fan of mixing prints. I like mixing solids with prints. So if you’re using a busy cloth I’d suggest a solid napkin. If the prints flow with the same vibe, that can definitely work.

I: What tableware do you recommend investing in the most?

C: Tablecloths, well duh😝 but really, I think if you invest in a classic one, and get a couple of fun ones too it will always help you change things up in a significant way, because the tablecloth is really what sets the foundation and vibe therefore making the greatest impact to any table.

We're so excited to try Chani's tips with our new Yoghm plates, tablecloths, napkins, and servers! A big thank you to Chani for taking the time to answer our questions. You can find her work at @elegancetableware on instagram or www.elegancetableware.com

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