Sukkah Print - The ACRYLIC Shivat Haminim - Artwork for your Sukkah

Sukkah Print - The ACRYLIC Shivat Haminim - Artwork for your Sukkah

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The Shivat Haminim. The original. The Seven that started it all...A painting that made something bad into something amazing. I was going through a challenging time and decided to paint for the Succah. I painted one fruit each night , which was therapeutic and energizing. When they were hung in the succah, friends and family told me to sell them. I laughed! Their voices lingered in my mind long after they said it till I finally posted these as my first post ever.

Many times the worst times can be our best times and the greatest moments of renewal. Listen to your whispers.

15” x 15” 

3 mm acrylic

small holes on top and bottom for easy hanging 

A #succosexclusive artwork is made just for your succah! These are special artworks created just for Succos.


This Succah print is an acrylic size 15" x 15".

It’s my honor to be able to help and serve you with the mitzvah of beautifying your succah!

Chag Sameach,


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