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The Beginning of it all

by Yaeli Vogel on Aug 30, 2020

The Beginning of it all

The ones that started it all.  Not sukkah prints.  I mean this entire art career.

A classic is a classic is a classic!! This was my first ever.  My favorite ever.  So much so much so much love went into each fruit.


They were painted as seven separate paintings.  I painted a fruit a week.  I painted them during a difficult period of my life, and it really gave me so much comfort.  Then we hung it in the Succah and you know...the rest is history!  Cousins and friends came into our sukkah and all had the same reaction - they were like “ you should sell these!”  And I poopooed them all, but their voices kept ringing in my head.  And then I was naive enough to believe them...it was a long road but a good road and still is.  Looking back now, I’m so grateful for that emotional period..

Out of pain can come real growth.  Now, I don’t say it’s pain - I say it’s “growing pains”.


The sukkah prints are now available.  They are big, bright and beautiful!  100% waterproof and easy to hang.  If you want a unique sukkah with artwork on yours walls, reserve  yours now.

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